Host A Screening

First let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me with this! I know it can be great, and it feels good to know others believe in it as much as I do.

Freddie Gray had been murdered, following the murder of countless other Blacks in America, and the heat was not letting up. It was bound to get hotter. The summer before this, I was in Ferguson, marching through the streets, educating those not in attendance on the difference between looters and protesters, and fighting.

This was April and I had a ticket to Oslo, Norway from Los Angeles. I had no real plan, I just needed to get away from the madness before I grabbed a gun myself and took to the streets. The madness. My friend, Terrence T. Kidd asked, “Why are you going to Oslo? To seek asylum?” And Bam! That was it! “Yes.”

I grabbed my camera, my passport, and a few friends and hopped on the flight. What was just a getaway quickly turned into one of the most important projects I think I’ll ever create.

Seeking Asylum is a documentary focusing on non-Americans’ thoughts and perceptions on what’s happening in America. I wanted to know if the citizens of other countries would welcome Black Americans should we decide we’ve had enough and left. As a father of a Black boy, I needed to know what countries are safe for him.

Since May, I’ve been developing this film, and now I’m ready to show it to the world. I’m certain I didn’t cover everything I set out to cover, but I’m certain I covered enough to start the conversation. Everything left unturned will be covered in many future projects.

Running Time: 47 Minutes.


You have the ability to (1) secure a space, (2) invite your people, and (3) continue the conversation about race relations, equality, revolution, the mattering of lives, and so much more.


Once you express your interest in screening this film with your people, we can work together to set a date that the film link will be available for you. I’d love to attend the screening if possible, and will do everything in my power to do so, but it’s not mandatory for you to screen.

Side note: If you would like me to attend for Q&A purposes, we can work out necessary arrangements as well.


As a filmmaker, writer, artist, and everything else I am, my goal is to create work that reflects the times. At minimum, I want to create conversations that will cause others to do something; anything. My mission with this film is to piss off the people to the point where new action is the only step. I want this film to enlighten, encourage, and fuel the fire.


Just shoot me a simple email reply letting me know you’d like to be involved. Talk to the folks you need to talk to to secure the things you need to secure, and let’s work on a date.

Easy enough.

Please do no hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc.

Yours In Words,

Darnell Lamont Walker