Special Thanks

These are the amazing people who gave time, energy, money, and love to make this project happen, and I am forever grateful. We will keep building. And if your name is not here, my deepest apologies. It should be, so please message me so we can make this happen immediately.

Malcolm Heron Jones

Terrence T. Kidd

Andrea Friend

Larry D. Hylton

Angeline Frett

Al Sealy

April D. Hill

Diondre Cobb

Will Saunders

Tiffany Malone

Risha Smith

Jillian Emmanuel

Chris Crouse

Shiva Ware

Stephen Maglott

Shakira H. Adams

Courtney Gage

Dwayne Warrior

Erica Feliciano

Taj Shareef

Will Smith

Jamil Hamilton

Tamara Carter

Daniel Ferguson

Stephen Freshley

Natalie Noels

Zakiyyah Akh

Porsche Holcomb

Andre Allen

Georgette Pierre

Michaela Stephens

Jacqueline Herbert

Tiffany Bostrom

Tanaya Mayo

Leah Cochran

Levantria Hall

Michelle Nance

Thomasina Church

Joshua Casey

Jocelyn Jones

Selamawit Mulugeta

Micana Carrenard

Courtney Coulter

Brenda Stallings

Nomadness Travel Tribe

Ambyr Leidig

Latoya Smith Leidig

Ashley Swann